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HRIA Workspaces

HRIRC workspaces support the development and testing of HRIA instruments. They also provide a forum for users of specific tools to share information.

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Latest News

29.04.2013: 5 Day Workshop in Nepal on DOVA, the Human Rights Assessment Instrument on Domestic Violence

From the 29th of April until the 3rd of May, WOREC Nepal, one of the co-developing organisation of DOVA, and DOVA writer and trainer Loeky Droesen, will host a 5 day DOVA Nepal kick off workshop.

Nepal has made steps forward in addressing Domestic Violence in its legal and policy framework, but Ne

23.04.2013: CSW workshop: Holding your government accountable for stopping Domestic Violence

By:Loeky Droesen

During the CSW this year, the member states of the UN are negotiating to reach Agreed Conclusions on what states/governments should do to end Violence Against Women. And today we find out if they are even able to reach agreement. But unfortunately even if promises and commitments are made at the UN,

Human Rights Impact Assessment

Human rights impact assessment (HRIA) measures the impact of policies and interventions on human rights. The purpose of a HRIA exercise is to prevent negative effects and to maximise positive effects. This facilitates bringing human rights from theory to practice.

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Strategic Advice

In addition to the information presented on this website, the Human Rights Impact Resource Centre also provides services to governments, NGOs, companies and others interested in HRIA. These services include training; assistance with development or customization of HRIA tools; advice on impact assessment processes; and ICT support. All proceeds go to activities aimed at strengthening human rights.

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Latest HRIA Tools Added

Provides a means for human rights experts responsible for overseeing compliance with international legal standards on human rights to monitor the implementation of specific State obligations in the field of reproductive rights.
Human Rights Impact Assessment tool to help create and maintain security measures that respect human rights.