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HRIA Publications

This Publications database contains books, journal articles and other published material relating to human rights impact assessment.

Showing last 10 publications added.

Title Author Published
No Perfect Measure: Rethinking Evaluation and Assessment of Human Rights Work
[Added: 28 March 2012]
International Council on Human Rights Policy 2012
Extracting Corporate Responsibility: Towards a Human Rights Impact Assessment
[Added: 06 January 2012]
Maassarani, T.F., Drakos, M.T. and Pajkowska, J. 2007
Human Rights Measurement: Reflections on the Current Practice and Future Potential of Human Rights Impact Assessment
[Added: 24 November 2011]
James Harrison 2011
Mapping Violence Against Women
[Added: 05 October 2011]
Margreet de Boer 2011
Loan Agreements and Human Rights: The Role of Human Rights Impact Assessments
[Added: 10 August 2011]
Noel G. Villaroman 2011
Equality Impact Assessment Guidance
[Added: 22 July 2011]
Equality and Human Rights Commission 2009
Human Rights Impact Assessments: A tool towards better business accountability
[Added: 29 June 2011]
Sandra Roling and Thomas Koenen 2011
Human Rights Impact Assessment: Review of Practice & Guidance for Future Assessments
[Added: 10 February 2011]
James Harrison and Mary-Ann Stephenson 2011
Report: Human rights impact assessments for trade and investment agreements
[Added: 22 November 2010]
Berne Declaration, the Canadian Council for International Co-operation, Misereor 2010
Community-based human rights impact assessments: Practical lessons
[Added: 16 November 2010]
Oxfam America Inc. and Rights & Democracy 2010