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HRIA Case Study: Green Resources CHP Plant and Pine Harvesting, Tanzania

Author(s): Nomogaia

Publisher: 2009, Nomogaia

Nomogaia conducted a Human Rights Impact Assessment of two developments in Tanzania of the Norwegian company Green Resources.

Green Resources shifts into tree harvesting at Uchindile and decided to construct a CHP power plant. The Company has operated for over a decade in the Iringa Region, building a rapport with certain local communities and a sense of the underlying social, economic, and political struggles facing locals.

The project plans do not present severe impacts to any of the most devastating human rights issues – issues evoked in conflict zones and areas populated by indigenous groups, for example. Resettlement has been and will continue to be minimal. Additionally, the Company is noted for having significant positive impacts on the Right to a Clean Environment.

However, significant issues persist and threaten to arise. These are Right to Health, Non-discrimination, Labor Rights and Right to Housing. Farmers in the area were initially pleased to have the opportunity for employment. Enthusiasm has turned to resentment over the years, as pay has remained unliveable and promised benefits - including schools and health facilities - have not been delivered.

The combination of poor labour treatment, poor healthcare for workers, and the rising prevalence of HIV in the area makes this eco-friendly project a dubious boon to its human subjects. At the end of the assessment Nomogaia gives several recommendations to Green Resources; to protect human rights from negative impact of the project and to promote the positive impacts. The HRIA is still in draft form.

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